Patient Bill of Rights

When you receive services for mental health, alcoholism, drug abuse, or a developmental disability, as an inpatient or outpatient, you have the following rights under Wis. Statute 51.61:

Treatment and Related Rights:

  • To be free from having unreasonable arbitrary decisions made about you.
  • To receive prompt and adequate treatment.
  • To refuse any treatment including medications.
  • To refuse or give informed consent to participate in drastic treatment or in experimental research.

Communication and Privacy Rights:

  • To refuse to be filmed or taped without your concent.
  • To have your treatment records and conversations about your treatment kept confidential (Sec. 51.30 Stats.).
  • To have access to your treatment record after discharge (or during treatment if the facility director approves it) and to have access at all times to records of medications you take or any treatment you receive for physical health reasons.

Right of Access to Courts:

  • To bring legal action for damages against those who violate your rights.

Your Rights to Complain:
If you feel that your rights have been violated, you have the right to a grievance procedure. Our agency has a grievance process through which you may file your complaint. Grievances must be filed in writing within 45 days of the incident or issue. The staff will supply you with a copy of Grievance Procedure forms upon request. You may, at the end of the grievance process, or at any time during it, choose to take the matter to court.

Your complaint investigator is:
Ted Keyes, Client Rights Specialist – 608-255-7710