Amber Levanetz, MA, LPC-IT


My goal as a therapist is to provide a safe, helpful and non-judgmental atmosphere in which to explore the issues creating challenges for individuals and families.

Everyone has their own unique story to tell with victories and hurdles. Through our interaction we can identify and understand your strengths and create tools enabling you to understand and work through challenges. Read more

Josh Aronoff, MA, LPC-IT

Confidence can come from knowing you have choices. Each person’s life experiences are unique and have taught them to use certain skills and tools. It is my goal as a therapist not to tell you how live, but to help you develop a few more skills and tools so you can be more confident in the choices you make. I use a strength based approach that includes drawing from cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, solution focused, and systems therapy. Read more

MaryLiz Murphy, MSW, CAPSW, LCSW-IT

Life’s journey can feel like an uphill climb and we find ourselves struggling. I believe you don’t have to struggle alone. Each one of us has their own inner strength to work through life’s trials, learn new skills and find hope. I strive to assist each client in developing new strategies and skills to achieve their personal journey through life. I use evidence based practices along with providing a safe and confidential place for you to work toward your goals. Read more

Melissa Bakken, MA, LPC-IT


Choosing a therapist can be an overwhelming experience. Feeling safe, heard, understood, and connected are important in the realm of therapy. I strive to meet all of those, while creating a safe space to encourage and empower you to use your strengths to overcome life’s challenges. Reaching out for help is incredibly brave and I commend you for taking this step in your journey. Read more

Thomas Kaufman, MS, LPC

For the past 20 years, I have worked with families, couples, adults, and adolescents. Enacting change within our lives can prove challenging, even under the best of circumstances. I am certified to deliver trauma-focused treatments as well as providing services to help manage stress and anxiety. In addition, I have experience treating depression, grief and loss, bipolar disorder, school-related challenges, ADHD, and oppositional defiance disorder.

Angeline Elmer, MA, LPC-IT

One of the most difficult aspects of reaching out for help is finding a safe place to express yourself. My focus is on creating a collaborative relationship in an environment that encourages trust and is free of judgement. My goal is to help guide you as you work to find your way through life’s challenges while identifying and holding true to who you are. You have a story that includes your own unique experiences and feelings. Your life is a journey; where will you travel next?
I work with children, adolescents, and adults. Focus Areas: Anxiety, Grief and Loss, including: Loss of relationship, family changes, divorce, Infertility and pregnancy loss, Children experiencing grief/loss, Parenting, Chronic pain and illness, Body image and self-esteem

Samantha Juve, LCSW

I began my career working with women who had experienced trauma and this compelled me to pursue my Master’s of Social Work degree from the University of Wisconsin- Madison and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have experience working in residential eating disorder treatment, outpatient substance use, and mental health treatment. I volunteer at the Free Health Clinic in Stoughton, WI as a mental health therapist. When I am not in the office I enjoy spending time with my family and in nature. I offer individual outpatient therapy for individuals struggling with mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, eating disorders and substance use disorders. My approach is client-centered and client-lead, informed by clinical theory. I tailor my approaches to each individual because I believe that there are different paths to healing and living our best lives. Now accepting clients in our Janesville office.