Mary Ellen Miller, MS, LPC – Clinic Director


My philosophy for therapy is that within everyone is the inherent will to be the best person one can be. Therapy acts as guideposts to assist individuals with developing and rebuilding their internal coping strategies, problem solving skills, and the desire to live life to the fullest.

I have experience and expertise in the following areas:

Individuals, Children and Adults: Individuals may need assistance developing coping strategies for everyday life. Issues addressed in therapy include anxiety, depression, incest and abuse, obsessions, grieving losses such as a family member or a pet, post-traumatic stress, and substance abuse.

Couples: I enjoy working with couples in reestablishing and rekindling the “In Love” feelings, which brought the couple together initially. My focus as a therapist is to assist in strengthening joint communication, problem solving, and coping skills and strategies to enhance the relationship.

Families: Every family deals with stress everyday. Families in an on-going stressful situation may lose their guideposts they have developed for coping and problem solving within the family structure. Therapy assists families with clarification of stresses and reestablishing communication and coping strategies unique to each family.  I have worked with families in dealing with an illness in the family, special needs children and adults, and blended families.

Childhood Abuse/Neglect: I have been successful with both individuals and groups of incest survivors in the healing process. My focus is to become more than a survivor. To heal, victims need to regain trust, self worth, and self-esteem. I believe that, through therapy, an incest survivor has the ability to make a journey from survivor to becoming a ME, who is alive, aware, and lives life to the fullest.

Asperger’s and Autism Spectrum Disorder: I have extensive experience working with children and families within the guidelines of the Wisconsin Autism Waiver Program. I utilize social stories, comic strips, Greenspan approach, play therapy, verbal behavioral therapy, visual strategies, and positive behavioral intervention. I have worked with families, schools and post-intensive children in continuing to integrate the strategies learned from the Intensive Program to everyday life. I have also worked with schools and other agencies as a consultant.

Brain Injury Individuals and Affected Family Members:  I have developed Associative Behavior Therapy to assist individuals and families with the many day-to-day challenges which affect the individual and families. I believe it is vital for the individual to gain realistic and concrete coping strategies and skills to reestablish one’s self-worth and self-esteem. I also focus on anger management strategies with the individuals, which I believe is needed in everyday life. I have also been a consultant for agencies, caregivers, and worker’s compensation insurance, and have presented Associative Behavior Therapy as a guide for individuals and those who support them in their rehabilitation process.

Pet Bereavement: As a Board Member of a No-Kill animal shelter and from my experience with Hurricane Rita, I recognize and understand the devastation at the loss of a pet. In my experience as an animal owner, the pet becomes an integral part of the family dynamics. Therapy focuses on the grieving process of the loss of the pet.

I have assisted clients in many journeys throughout their lives. I believe each person within the therapeutic relationship and process becomes self-empowered. I believe each person has the resources within oneself. My goal as a therapist is to assist the client with gaining access to and utilizing those internal resources as coping strategies in everyday life.

Mary Ellen Miller, M.S., L.P.C.
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